After the Pittsburgh Steelers' rather embarrassing showing against the hapless Arizona Cardinals in Week 13, fans turned their anger on head coach Mike Tomlin and called for his firing.

The Steelers were widely expected to beat the Cardinals, who entered the contest with just two wins in the 12 games they have played prior. In fact, Pittsburgh was a heavy favorite against an Arizona team that was predicted to struggle big time.

Instead, however, it was the Steelers who found themselves on the losing end. They were never able to get anything going offensively, and Kenny Pickett's injury exit in the second quarter only further doomed them.

Arizona closed the contest with a 24-10 win, with Kyler Murray throwing for 145 yards and one touchdown on 13-of-23 pass completion, as well as James Conner rushing for 105 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries.

While a lot didn't go in the Steelers' favor, fans couldn't help but blame the coaching for the loss. After all, the team had more than enough to beat the Cardinals, and many believe it's the coaching that fell short.

“A case to fire Tomlin has been laying its foundation for some time. Today threw gas on that fire. Today was a joke [and] much of it can be traced to coaching. It’s embarrassing, and why they lost. The leadership is s**t, too. Cam and whoever. Teams [with] legit leaders don't play [and] act like that,” one frustrated fan wrote.

Another angry supporter said, “I'd fire Tomlin tomorrow. I don't f**king care. Let him go 9-8 for 20 straight seasons in Washington. That s**t means nothing.”

Overreaction time. Fire Tomlin. Embarrassing effort, coaching staff, and loss. Mediocre Mike going to give us a 9-8 team again because that’s all he can do. Only success he ever had was from Cowher’s leftovers. I’m so sick of watching this dude skate by with mediocrity,” a third commenter added.

Here are more “Fire Tomlin” reactions from around social media:

Considering that the Steelers haven't won anything since Mike Tomlin led them to the Super Bowl XLIII title in 2008, it's understandable where the frustration is coming from. It has been a long time since Pittsburgh got close to actually winning another title, so calls for a change aren't really surprising.

However, it will be interesting to see which coach fans would want to take over the Steelers if their wish ever comes true. Tomlin is a highly respected head coach in the NFL–with many players wanting to play for him–so it's easy to see him landing a job if ever he gets fired.

Whatever the case may be, though, there is no doubt that the Steelers need to bounce back come Week 14 as they try to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. The play the New England Patriots next, which should be a good chance for them to return to the winning column.