Amid rumors that Tom Brady could unretire and take over as the Las Vegas Raiders' quarterback amid his ownership bid on the team, many are wondering if that's even allowed or possible.

Well, apparently, it is. However, it won't be easy since Brady would need to get the approval of the NFL and other owners for him to become an owner and a player at the same time. Two separate votings will be needed, and the NFL icon will need to get three-fourths majority vote in both instances to pass, per a league spokesperson who talked to TMZ Sports.

Tom Brady retired last February, and he has been busy with his family and business ventures since then. One of which, of course, is the minority ownership deal he reached with Raiders owner Mark Davis. The sale is now pending for approval from the NFL owners, and it isn't expected to get any pushback.

That is if it's only about being a minority owner. If Brady decides to make a push to play for the Raiders, however, it might get complicated. According to recent reports, there would be some owners who could go against the quarterback from unretiring and playing for Las Vegas when his purchase is approved. Some could even ask for an assurance that TB12 won't unretire before they give the ownership nod.

“Count on at least one owner saying no if Brady tries to play after his purchase is approved. Given the basic premise underlying the objection, and given that multiple other teams have had the door slammed in their faces, count on more than one objective,” Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote.

With that said, while it's likely that Brady is going to be an official part-owner of the Raiders soon, fans shouldn't have their hopes up of him filling in for Jimmy Garoppolo as QB1.