Tom Brady's retirement announcement from back in early February has ironically sparked more chatter regarding a return to the game than post-play plans for the legendary signal caller. Though recent rumblings even indicate that a career as a limited owner of the Las Vegas Raiders could be on the horizon for Brady, there has been plenty of speculation that indicates simultaneously lacing up his cleats once again, despite unanimously being considered a serious long shot, is still seen as a possibility.

However, Mike Florio of NBC Sports has noted recently that there are several challenges that could arise should the hypothetical scenario of the GOAT playing as a minority owner, particularly for the Raiders, become a reality, and pinpointed three in specific.

“One, as explained here on Sunday, comes from the strategic benefit of having someone with full access to meetings, practices, playbooks, strategies, etc. become an official member of the roster. If Brady has any inkling about eventually playing, he already would be an unofficial member of the roster, making his transition far easier than if, for example, he were signed off the street. Another concern comes from the question of what he would be paid as a player. He could, in theory, take the minimum in order to help the Raiders’ cap situation, realizing other benefits from his ownership status. And even if Brady received something comparable to other high-end quarterbacks, his ownership arrangement becomes a way to give him even more than what he’s getting — thereby circumventing the cap. It’s another reason why one or more teams will likely object to Brady playing, if he tries to do so after his ownership acquisition is approved. By rule, all 32 owners would have to agree to let Brady play, if he’s an owner when he tries to do so,” Mike Florio wrote.

Florio would go on to agree with Raiders reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Vincent Bonsignore's recent suggestion that other owners should force Tom Brady to promise that he will not try to return as a player should his partial purchase of Las Vegas be approved.