Trey Lance is preparing for an interesting season in the quarterback room for the San Francisco 49ers. Despite rumors that he could fall as far as the third-string quarterback, a Niners insider does not believe the team has ‘soured on' Lance, reports KNBR Stuff.

“I dispute the notion that the 49ers have soured on Trey Lance,” Niners insider Matt Maiocco says. “I think personally, in my opinion, they like him now more than they ever had since they’ve had him with the 49ers, but they just don’t know how he will perform. Nobody knows how he’ll perform if given the opportunity.”

It is quite the quandary for the Niners; they drafted Trey Lance to be the quarterback of the future, who now looks to be coming into form, but injuries and other solid options at the position will now potentially keep him on the bench. In terms of fellow quarterback Sam Darnold, Maiocco believes the exact same thing.

“I think [Sam] Darnold is in the same position. They like him a lot. There’s a lot of talent there. We’ve talked about how he can throw the football. They just don’t know about him either, how he’d perform if given the opportunity in this offense.”

Overall, it is clear that the Niners have a good problem to have at quarterback. Both Lance and Darnold could end up being stellar performers if likely starter Brock Purdy can't handle his business. With indications now that the Niners are still high on Trey Lance, San Francisco fans should be confident about any direction their team decides to go at quarterback.