Bronny James, the eldest son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, isn't even in college yet, and already, we can't stop talking about this 17-year-old kid. At this point, he isn't exactly superstar material, but at the same time, he does have some potential to make it in the NBA.

15-year NBA veteran Thaddeus Young, who currently plies his trade with the Toronto Raptors, recently provided a brutally honest assessment of LeBron's pride and joy. Young acknowledged that Bronny isn't exactly a protege to his dad, but that this kid has a lot of good things going for him (via Billy Witz and Adam Zagoria of the New York Times):

“He’s solid as hell,” said Young. “Obviously, probably not the elite of the elite. But he’s athletic, he’s strong, he plays defense, he can shoot the ball well, he can run the point guard position, he can play off ball.”

At this point, there's very little doubt as to Bronny making it to the NBA. His dad made sure of that. LeBron James previously declared that he's going to be heading to whichever team ends up drafting his son. If that isn't a stellar endorsement then I don't know what is.

At the end of the day, LeBron just made sure that his son gets his foot inside the door. Father Time is catching up to The King (albeit ever so slowly) and he's eventually going to retire early on in Bronny's career. What Bronny James does after that is entirely up to him.