The Denver Nuggets were in a jovial mood on Thursday as they celebrated their title win with their fans during the championship parade. The players were clearly having the times of their lives, and you have to say that they absolutely deserve all of it.

Even Nuggets rookie Christian Braun was living the good life during the championship parade on the streets of downtown Denver. Apart from the fact that he had a WWE championship belt draped over his shoulder, the 22-year-old also had a bottle of bubbly in tow. At one point in the parade, Braun decided to deliver a special Stephen Curry shoutout to honor the GOAT shooter:

To be fair to Curry, that's one of the baddest celebrations in the history of the game. It completely caught on and blew up as soon as he started busting it out — as with most things Steph Curry-related — and you could say that the savage celly absolutely took on a life of its own. So much so, that it's even carried itself over to the Nuggets' championship parade.

As for Christian Braun, you can clearly see how delighted this young man is at the moment. Very few players are able to win a ring during their entire NBA career, and even fewer are able to bag that chip in their rookie year. Well, that's exactly what the former Kansas standout did in his debut season. He didn't get a free ride either with Braun also playing a key role off the bench in the Nuggets' recent championship contest.