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Nuggets can’t be satisfied just yet, according to Michael Malone


Dever Nuggets head coach Michael Malone wants his team to believe that they’re worthy of more than just an invite to the Western Conference Finals against the top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers. The Nuggets has been on a historic run thus far and became the only team in NBA history to overcome two consecutive 3-1 deficits against the Utah Jazz and more recently, the heavily-favored Los Angeles Clippers to book a trip to the semi-finals.

After everything they’ve accomplished so far, Malone brought up that settling for their two incredible playoff runs will ultimately wrap up their season against the highly-talented Lakers.

“I think the biggest question, aside from the scheme and plays and personnel is, ‘Are our guys satisfied?’” Malone said Thursday (per The Denver Post). “’Hey, man, we just made playoff history. Down 3-1, down 3-1, we got to the Western Conference finals (for) only the (third) time in franchise history.’ PHEW! (You) manage to take a breath, come up for air.”

But just like the predators they’ve been all season long, Malone knows that the Lakers are just waiting for an opportunity to attack and with the Nuggets being on a Mile High after two impressive series wins might just give LA the perfect window to strike.

“That’s going to be our greatest challenge (Friday),” Malone said. “Can we match their intensity? And I thought in Game 1 against the Clippers, we did for a quarter-and-a-half, (we) just did not sustain it. I think we were just gassed. And I think, hopefully, we’re able to put forth a 48-minute effort.”

The road has been tough for the Nuggets inside the bubble but if there’s something they’ve proven thus far, its that they’re more than capable of overcoming massive setbacks and somehow come out on top. Denver’s 2020 postseason run has been undeniably historic but per Malone, the team has to believe that their story ain’t over yet.