By and large it was a fruitful rookie season for Indiana Pacers youngster Bennedict Mathurin. Even though he spent most of his first professional season coming off the bench, he still stood out for his ability to put the ball through the hoop. In fact, no one should have been surprised by Mathurin's burst into the spotlight, as in 2019, he was already going toe-to-toe with Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray.

And the Pacers rookie made sure to let everybody know during his stint as a media correspondent for the Nuggets' 2023 NBA Finals clash against the Miami Heat.

With Jamal Murray on the podium, Bennedict Mathurin hilariously called out the Nuggets guard for losing to him in a friendly one-on-one game at Basketball Without Borders back in 2019, when the Pacers rookie was just 16 years old.

“I ain't trying to have problems with you or issues, but you scored two points, and I scored two. And then you had four. It was four-two. And then you started shooting from halfcourt,” Mathurin said, which prompted some laughter from Murray.

“Yeah I was trying to get your confidence up, I remember that,” Murray responded with a huge smile on his face.

“I won five-four, right?” Mathurin then asked.

“I think I was giving you confidence. Yeah, for sure,” Murray answered.

Of course, that one-on-one between Jamal Murray and Bennedict Mathurin was all fun and games. After all, Murray was already beginning to establish himself as one of the best shot-creating guards in the NBA for the Nuggets in 2019, while Mathurin was still making a name for himself as he wouldn't be declaring for the NBA Draft until three years later.

Nevertheless, Murray was simply looking out for his fellow Canadian. Who knows what impact Mathurin's win over the Nuggets star really had on his ascent towards becoming one of the brightest young prospects in the NBA?