Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets are on the brink of becoming NBA champions. Ahead of their NBA Finals Game 5 matchup against the Miami Heat, Murray dropped the mic while discussing the Nuggets' journey.

His mic drop was metaphorical in nature. However, Murray detailed Denver's struggle to reaching the NBA Finals. He gushed about their team chemistry and explained how the Nuggets have withstood the test of time to become the team they are today, via NBA TV.

“Long before we made it here I thought this was going to happen,” Murray said of Denver reaching the NBA Finals. “We've been in the playoffs before, we have the experience. Seeing the team chemistry grow, having the same core my whole career, that's when I saw it. That's when I believed it.”

“To be here just kind of rounds it out,” Murray said. “It shows that when we're given the right circumstances and everybody is healthy, we can do it. When we're playing our best basketball, we're a very hard team to stop. Even when we go through rough stretches, we're still in a good place.”

The Nuggets have come extremely close to reaching the NBA Finals prior to this year. They lost in the Western Conference semifinals three of the past four years. However, this year is different.

Jamal Murray was apart of those Denver teams. He say the Nuggets go through heartbreak. He dealt with his own personal struggles and watched others go through injuries of their own. Through it all, Murray believed that iron sharpened iron.

It took years of playoff disappointment for the Nuggets to reach the NBA Finals. But with the chemistry Denver had been building, Murray saw it from a mile away.