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Nuggets’ Troy Daniels addresses viral NBA bubble food photo, social justice statement on his jersey

Troy Daniels, Nuggets

Denver Nuggets guard Troy Daniels posted two images of his meal to his Instagram story when he first arrived inside the NBA bubble at Walt Disney World last Tuesday. The post immediately went viral as social media jokes were made comparing the entrees to the meals “Fyre Fest” distributed.

“It’s actually not that bad man, to be honest with you,” Daniels tells ClutchPoints from inside the bubble. “I think my picture that went viral really took everything out of context.”

He then went on to explain how he really feels about the bubble.

“You can tell the NBA put a lot of thought and a lot of money into it,” Daniels said. “Once you get out of the quarantine process, it’s really dope.”

Restarting the 2019-20 season didn’t seem feasible a few months ago.

“I remember two months ago, I really didn’t think the season was going to come back,” he said. “But to see from that moment to now, to see all the things that they’ve done to get to the bubble and everything that’s in the bubble, I think it’s amazing.”

There are sure to be flaws in the bubble, but the NBA is trying their best to accommodate the players while keeping them safe. One way they are doing so is with daily Covid-19 testing. Many players have stated that the Covid-19 test is very painful. Understanding the discomfort the test provides, it’s reasonable to question if getting one daily is realistic.

“I literally hated it,” Daniels said. “We had to get tested like every other day [in Denver] and it hurt. It really hurts putting the thing up your nose and in the back of your throat is weird.”

Daniels says the test in the bubble is just a mouth and nasal swab, not the invasive procedure. “If we had to do it everyday where they stick it all the way through your nose, I think guys would definitely have a problem with that,” Daniels said. Clearly the NBA is invested in providing safety, as well as comfort, for the players.

Over the past few weeks, the world has been in a pretty tense state. The nation is dealing with a deadly pandemic as well as racial injustices.

The NBA has given players the approval to express their frustrations with the inequalities Black people are enduring by allowing them to choose from 28 different social injustice statement options to wear on the back of their jerseys. Troy Daniels said he selected Black Lives Matter as his first choice and Say Her Name as his second.

“It’s unprecedented times,” Daniels said. “It’s one of the biggest movements ever. So, I want to shed light on that. It’s very important to me.”