After watching her former friend, Jacy Jayne, attempt to put her head through a door on the NXT debut of Bayley’s Ding Dong, Hello! Gigi Dolin had a lot of re-evaluations to do about where she belongs in the developmental brand. Was Dolin still going to code herself as a heel and try to torment other members of the roster like Jayne tormented her? Or would Dolin instead turn over a new leaf and try to become a better, nicer person that her fellow NXT performers can be proud of?

Fortunately, fans were afforded the answer to that question and more on the final edition of NXT during the month of February, as Dolin was booked for the show and afforded a chance to clear the air. After walking down to the ring with her usual Toxic Attraction pomp and circumstance, Dolin requested that the fine folks in the back cut her music, because she had something to say.

“Cut this music, cut it!” Jayne demanded. “That’s the last time you will hear this awful song. So I’m gonna keep it to the point because unlike Jacy, I don’t like the sound of my own voice drawing on and on.”

“Three weeks ago, my life was changed as my skull was crushed against a door in this ring. But don’t worry, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with big, life-altering changes. This isn’t the first time I’ve had my head kicked in by someone I trusted, someone I considered family. I can deal with the physical pain, I can handle the personal betrayal, because in trying to boot my head off, you made me realize who I really am, Jacy. You will always be about the superficial, surface-level things, the money, the fame, the glitz, the glamour, that is all Toxic Attraction was ever about. You know, h*ll, it was fun being the mean girl for a while, it was a way for you to channel your insecurities, Jacy, but it was a way for me to channel my inner demons, because deep down, I’ve always been happy to just survive. Jacy, you know this because I trusted you, I shared everything with you, you know the last person who I let betray me the way you did and let beat me down was my own mother. She used me as her personal punching bag for years, and when I finally got the courage to run away from home as a teenager I was determined to show my little brother that I could make it in WWE so we could escape the constant cycle of pain and suffering.”

“Jacy, you don’t know a hundredth of what I’ve been through. You say you’re the last woman standing, but I have been knocked down time and time again but I have gotten right back up. And next week, next week at Roadblock, bring everything you have, but it won’t be enough, because I will take every ounce of pain, suffering, and rage that I have built up inside of me to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction.”

Wow, now that is a star-making promo, as fans on social media are currently buzzing about, and the perfect way to fully establish Dolin as a babyface where her former tag team partner, Jayne, is far more of a heel. Still, for Dolin to be able to build on this momentum and actually become a legitimate Superstar in the WWE sense of the word, she has to actually win the match and lay out her former tag team partner in the Toxic Attraction coffin, which will be a whole lot easier said than done, as it appears Jayne isn’t backing down ahead of Roadblock either.

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Jacy Jayne has a short but toxic response to Gigi Dolin ahead of NXT Roadblock.

Though Jayne wasn’t booked on this particular edition of NXT‘s weekly programming, probably to avoid a backstage brawl with Dolin, the bad half of Toxic Attraction still found time to respond to her former partner, even if it was just on social media.

What a little cry baby b*tch. How embarrassing,” jeez, Jayne, that is short and toxic indeed.

So what gives, after all of this buildup, is WWE seriously going to end this feud at Roadblock on NXT television, or will the outcome ultimately come at Stand and Deliver, the biggest show of the year for the brand? Only time will tell, but after all this talk, it’s pretty safe to say NXT fans are ready to see some action.