Octopath Traveler II is out and we have seen great reviews on how the 2D-HD game plays out. With eight different journeys to choose from, it may get a little tricky as to how you can accomplish each and unfold the mysteries in the game. In this Octopath Traveler II Guide, we’ll talk about how you can finish Castti's chapter 1 in the game.

Who is Castti Florenz?

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You play the character of Castti Florenz and is an apothecary (a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs). Your journey begins in the port town of the Harborlands. Discovered adrift at sea, you awoke to the realization that you could not recall your own name. The only clues to your identity are your satchel and skills as an apothecary. You are unable to ignore the nagging feeling within you, and you embark on a journey to recover what you lost, “I need to rediscover who I am. And…there's something else. Something important I'm forgetting.” You have this ability called Inquire where you can obtain information from townspeople but you must be at the appropriate level to succeed. This helps you to gain more information about your past that you can't remember and you will essentially find out later on shocking revelations of what happened to you in the past and how you wound up in this situation. We'll talk more about it as we progress through this Octopath Traveler II Guide for Castti's Chapter 1.


Castti's tale starts as she's helped into a tiny boar by a mysterious person. Your apothecary skills are the only hope of finding a specific cure but you can't remember the specifics of this important task after being pulled out of the sea. This chapter is loaded with dialogue and scenes thanks to Castti's memory loss.

Your character is an amnesiac so you use Inquire to learn more about her situation from the people in the shop. You then search the passenger's cabin to retrieve Castti's belongings. You check her pouch, the captain will then alert the crew that you've reached the town of Canalbrine.


Upon reaching Canalbrine, the townsfolk immediately seem to dislike Castti, which prompts her to ask around more to find out further information about herself. You'll run into a sick boy named Senah and you'll learn about your nighttime Path Action: Soothe. This ability lets her use items to administer medicine to townspeople.

Senah's brother, Sesque, will barge in aggressively telling you to leave, claiming that you are a member of “Eir's Apothecaries” – a group rumored to have killed an entire town on the eastern continent with a medicine that had poisonous effects.

Your goal then is to find the root of Senah's sickness before it affects the entire town of Canalbrine which Malaya will offer to help you. Right after this scene, you'll go around town curing and soothing the sick citizens. Once you have healed the sick, you will figure out that drinking water is the cause so you then head south to cleanse the water source.

Canalbrine: Path to the Water Source

The next area that you will be exploring is only at Danger Level 1 which you can use to get accustomed to Castti's moves and grind a few levels before reaching the dungeon area. As an apothecary, you carry an axe, healing skills, and ice magic at first. Upon reaching 30 Job Points, you'll unlock a new combat skill. Poison Axe and Replenish Health are two of the more useful skills at this point but you may choose either, whichever suits your play style better. Castti is also capable of learning Concoct which allows her to create healing or hazardous concoctions by using ingredients.

Items that you can get in the area:

  • Darkdelion
  • Empowering Ring
  • Plum Leaf
  • Grape Leaf
  • Guard's Helm
  • Herb of Healing

Enemies you will encounter in this area:

  • Ocean Lizardman I (Weakness: Axe, Ice, Wind)
  • Ocean Lizardman II (Weakness: Axe, Ice)
  • Flying Fish (Weakness: Ice)

Canalbrine: Water Source

The Canalbrine water source is your last chance to grind your 30JP and unlock the new skill of either Poison Axe or Replenish Health for the boss fight. Group battles, when you're outnumbered by opponents, offer more experience and every enemy is weak to at least one of Castti's currently available attacks.

Items that you can get in the area:

  • Diffusing Serum
  • Cleansing Leaf
  • Old Armor
  • Herb of Healing

Enemies you will encounter in this area:

  • Barnacle Bat (Weakness: Ice, Light)
  • Barnacle Crab (Weakness: Axe, Light)

Boss Battle: Doron and Veron

When you get to the dungeon area, it turns out that there are two monsters that are causing Canalbrine's troubles. This is a two-on-one fight against a boss duo so it may be a bit challenging to accomplish. You can use concoctions to attack, heal, and give yourself a great fighting chance.

Doron and Veron have one shared weakness but you can use Diffusing Serum in hazardous concoctions to create AoE Dark attacks and lower shields for both of them to land better attacks. You may also mix Dreamy Flower into Hazardous Concoctions will put your chosen target to sleep, slowing down the battle. They also use poison so use Cleansing Leaf in Medicinal Concoctions to rid of the poison. More information on Doron and Veron is below:

Doron and Veron Information


Doron – Ice, Dark
Veron – Axe, Wind, Dark


Doron – 2
Veron – 4

Doron Special Skills:

Sludge – Lowers Phys. Atk. stat
Crushing Attack – One-hit physical attack
Eat Veron – Eats the other boss to regain HP and get Elem. and Phys. Atk. and Def. buffs
Spit Venom – One-hit elemental attack that inflicts poison
Foul Odor – One-hit attack that drains SP

Veron Special Skills:

Tear Off – One-hit physical attack
Venom – Causes poisoned status effect
Items Obtained x1 Healing Grape Bunch

Venturing Out

After beating Doron and Veron, you return to Canalbrine after successfully cleansing the town's water source. The townsfolk change their perception of you which includes Senah's brother. You then ask Malaya about Eir's Apothecary once more and it turns out Malaya was the woman who put you on a boat at the beginning of the chapter.

A hidden diary in your satchel points you in the direction of Sai and Winterbloom to rediscover who you are. Make sure to gather all the party members across Solistia before starting Chapter 2 of Castti's story as its recommended level will likely be too high for you at the moment.

This particular character is very mysterious and interesting as you don't know anything about your past and how you wound up on your current path. As an apothecary, you want to help as many people as you can by healing them and soothing their illnesses but this is actually a huge challenge since people already have this biased perception of Castti being part of a heinous group causing death to many. We are seeing Castti's story to be one of the most interesting among the eight characters that you can play in Octopath Traveler II. While we are still checking how the other journeys unfold, we are certain that theirs will be as interesting as Castti's journey in the game.

There’s a total of 5 chapters per playable character in Octopath Traveler II. We have just shared with you the Octopath Traveler II Guide: Castti Chapter 1 so make sure to check in for the release of the next 4 chapters on how to complete Castti’s story in the game. Octopath Traveler II Guide to Castti’s story and other guides of the game on ClutchPoints Gaming!