Octopath Traveler II is out and we have seen great reviews on how the 2D-HD game plays out. With eight different journeys to choose from, it may get a little tricky as to how you can accomplish each and unfold the mysteries in the game. In this Octopath Traveler II Guide, we'll talk about how you can finish Temenos' chapter 1 in the game.

Who is Temenos?

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Your name is Temenos Mistral, and you are a cleric. Your tale begins in the mountainous region of the Crestlands. Though easygoing in your duties as Inquisitor, that all changes the day a tragic incident takes place in the church. Sensing that there is much more to the incident than meets the eye, you set out to solve the mystery left in its wake, “Oh dear. I suppose it can’t be helped. After all, doubt is what I do.“ You are equipped with the Ability of Guide which lets you lead a townsperson around. You must be at the appropriate level to successfully use this ability.


In this Octopath Traveler II Guide, we talk about Temenos' Chapter 1. Temenos' journey begins by telling you how the eight gods once brought peace to the world with their sacred flame. This prompts the battle that will take place against one of the eight gods, Aelfric the Flamebringer. You are supposed to use Aelfric's light-type attacks to defeat the Wicked God, Vide. This battle is purely for the purpose of the story so keep using the available God Skills until you're back to reality. You're now back to current reality and Temenos is telling the story of the gods to the young. He shares that the eight gods became the Sacred Flame that keeps the darkness at bay.


After the scene with the children, Pontiff Jörg will call you for a moment and ask you for help. He wants you to meet him later at the cathedral. During this time, you can walk around the town of Flamechurch.  Once you reach the quest marker, you will run into an insurgent who seems to be disturbing the peace by sharing grievances against the Sacred Flame.

This insurgent is confronted by Crick, a Sanctum Knight, and resorts to taking you as a hostage however you make short work of the hostage taker.

A quick tutorial will teach you Temenos' daytime path action ability, Guide. This allows you to guide townspeople wherever he goes. You will need to lead  Crick to the cathedral after you've finished exploring Flamechurch.

Flamechurch Pilgrims’ Way

Temenos' Physical Defense stat is relatively low so make sure you utilize Crick as a shield with your summon ability. Crick will join you in your party as a proper member so it will be up to you to manually tank damage for Temenos while debuffing enemies at the same time.

Items that you can get in the area:

  • Inspiriting Plum
  • Healing Grape
  • Stimulating Ring
  • Tough Nut

Enemies you will encounter in this area:

  • Mountain Ape (Weakness: Sword, Staff)
  • Rockadillo (Weakness: Staff, Dark)
  • Giant Falcon (Weakness: Sword, Light)

Flamechurch: Cathedral Entrance

Upon reaching the front door, it will be locked so you will need to find another way inside the cathedral. Temenos' nighttime path action ability Coerce allows him to gain information from townspeople. Use it on citizens to find out why the cathedral entrance is locked.

Engage in battle and break your opponent's shields to get the information that you need. The man you need to coerce Vados the Architect who is standing in the southwest section of the area.  Make sure to use Light attacks to break him.

As you progress further, make sure to talk to the merchant to the right of the blue flame. You will be able to buy helpful items as well as stronger equipment before entering the next area. Keep in mind that you can find a Pilgrim Rod (Physical Attack +9, Elemental Attack +10) in the upcoming dungeon area. Once you are well-equipped and prepared for the next area, head to the quest marker to find the cathedral's hidden entrance.

Cathedral Cellars

Temenos has the talent of Moonlight Judgement which inflicts negative effects on enemies at the start of the battle during nighttime. That effect will be active throughout this entire dungeon since this is happening during nighttime. At this part of the chapter, make sure to at least earn 30 Job Points to unlock the Skills section of the menu to give yourself a more competitive edge in combat.

Items that you can get in the area:

  • Light Soulstone
  • Inspiriting Plum
  • Pilgrim Rod

Enemies you will encounter in this area:

  • Ambling Bones (Weakness: Staff, Light)
  • Giant Slug (Weakness: Staff)
  • Shadow Wisp (Weakness: Light)

Flamechurch: Cathedral

Upon entering the cathedral proper, no more enemies will spawn randomly. There's a save point at the right but enter the room just before it to find a chest that has the Olive of Life. You can continue running right past the save point to find another chest in the furthest room. Here you will find a Light Soulstone useful for your journey ahead.  Once you accomplish that, you can finally save your game and head straight up the walkway in the middle of the cathedral. Temenos and Crick will be attacked by a monster after finding out that the pontiff died. Your battle with the beast then commences.

Boss Battle: Felvarg

The battle will be a two-on-one fight with no summons from the beast's side. The best strategy is to still use Crick as a shield to tank physical damage and cause debuffs while you as Temenos attack with magic. The beast is weak to Sword and Light attacks so make sure to spam those to your advantage.

You will learn Temenos' Latent Power: Judgement which allows him to lower an opponent's Shield Points with any attack so make sure you come in prepared and already have that in your arsenal.

Felvarg Information

Weaknesses: Sword, Light


Special Skills:

  • Stain Black – AoE Dark elemental attack
  • Tear to Pieces – Single-target physical attack that restores health
  • Wild Claw – Three-hit physical attack
  • After the battle, Temenos determines that the pontiff’s death was no accident, despite Crick’s comments. Interact with the two glowing lights on either side of Temenos to gather clues and figure out what happened before you arrived.

Through this investigation, Temenos concludes that someone shattered the cathedral window from inside the building and lured the monster to the cathedral. Then Deputy Cubaryi of the Sacred Guard shows up while Temenos is explaining how he came up with his theory of what happened to Crick.

Venturing Out

The Sacred Guard is a group within the church that is independent and investigates these sorts of mysteries. Temenos does not intend to cooperate with them at all. You now will head to the library after the pontiff's funeral scene. After you leave the library, Cubaryi will return to tell Crick that he has been reassigned. This is where you part ways with Crick as Temenos decides to go on a journey to find the truth about what happened in the cathedral. Before anything you will need to find Lucian the Theologian, the person who was with the pontiff.

If you choose to play Temenos' story first, it is highly recommended that you wander across Solistia to add the other remaining travelers to your party before starting Temenos' 2nd Chapter.

There's a total of 5 chapters per playable character in Octopath Traveler II. We have just shared with you the Octopath Traveler II Guide – Temenos Chapter 1 so make sure to check in for the release of the next 4 chapters on how to complete Temenos' story in the game. Octopath Traveler II Guide to Temenos' story and other guides of the game on ClutchPoints Gaming!