The Pac-12 is getting absolutely tethered across the sports world after programs opted to leave for the Big 12 and Big Ten. Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin is the latest to torch the conference, responding to a Pac-12 athlete who explains why she chose the conference and why she is now upset.

“I chose to play in the PAC-12 because of the ability to play close to home and in front of family. I chose the PAC so my family didn’t have to worry about far travel or giving up all their vacation time just to come see me. This affects athletes in every sport + academics.”

This is what Lane Kiffin tweeted in response:

“Sorry they obviously didn’t think about how it would affect the ones that actually have to play, travel, and go to class the next day!!”

Lane Kiffin blasts the Pac-12 for not considering athletes like Shannon Cunningham, who plays on the Arizona State softball team. Cunningham is like plenty of other athletes in the conference who are now going to be hurt by the excess travel they will have to do in their new conferences.

Eight teams have left the Pac-12 so far, as UCLA, USC, Oregon and Washington are set to join the Big Ten, while Utah, Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado are primed for the Big 12. Stanford, California, Washington State and Oregon State are the four remaining Pac-12 schools, although more changes will probably be announced imminently. Stay tuned into more college sports updates and backlash over the unraveling of the Pac-12.