The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been entertaining throughout, as athletes across the world have been competing for glory. However, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart might have stolen the show after sharing hilarious commentary over Olympic sports.

NBC has granted Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart a platform to offer their commentary on the Summer Olympics. As a result, they have generated much more excitement over sports that are otherwise boring for most. The show can be found on NBC’s Peacock, and they graciously showed a clip of the duo commenting on an Equestrian event.

Snoop Dogg is a famous rapper, however, he’s known for providing hilarious commentary through impromptu reactions. Outside of Marshawn Lynch, Snoop is one of the most funny people when it comes to unscripted commentary. Meanwhile, Kevin Hart is one of the biggest names in comedy, as his standup routines have made him a superstar in the entertainment industry.

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Having these two comment on anything is considered TV gold, so it’s no wonder why it’s such a hit. Just the fact that Snoop Dogg relates the Equestrian prancing to cryp walking is hilarious in itself. Only Snoop would make that type of connection, which is why he continues to be hired for these types of gigs.

Kevin Hart nearly loses it laughing so hard while saying, “Horse crip walking is officially in the Olympics.” Snoop Doog and Kevin Hart have been providing commentary on multiple events. You can find more clips of them on Peacock, a streaming service provided by NBC. They have a ton of different videos that bring the funny every single time.

Perhaps this something new we can expect in sports commentary. ESPN seems to be experimenting with a similar concept by having Peyton Manning and Eli Manning comentate on Monday Night Football games. Peyton described it as sitting in bar with him and his brother and listenting to the two comment on the game.

Either way, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart are killing it with their Olympic comentary and we can’t wait to see what they say next.