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Pau Gasol shares mesmerizing views of Opening Ceremony in Tokyo

Opening Ceremony, Olympics, Paul Gasol

As the Olympics start to unwind today, former NBA star Pau Gasol was seen in awe during the Opening Ceremony in Tokyo.

In a video he recently shared on his twitter, Pau is shown walking towards the field with a huge group of other athletes who will be participating in this one-of-a-kind event. They were all wearing white shirts while having on masks.

Pau Gasol, 40 years old, will be playing for the Spain Olympic basketball team, where he and others will have their eyes set on the gold medal.

Though this years Olympic events will be vastly different to others (Covid being the main reason, darn you Covid!), it still managed to provide some spectacles. The opening ceremony included a drone show that amazed a multitude of people. The event included Naomi Osaka, who lit the Olympic Cauldron this time around. Video game music played in the background as thousands of athletes and tons of nations were being introduced. Even some of the introductions of the sports being played were fantastic. Overall, Tokyo pulled all the stops to make the Olympics as special as possible.

Archery will be the first sport to start, while numerous other athletes will duke it out tomorrow in games that feature badmiton, fencing and hockey. The games will continue all throughout the week, where it will hit its ultimate end on the 8th of August. You can catch Gasol play on Monday, July 26th against Japan at 7:00 am Central time.