Are you ready for speed? One Fast Move has a quick new trailer that’s just been released that lives up to its name.

Riverdale’s KJ Apa stars as Wes Neal, “a young man down on his luck who seeks out his estranged father, Dean Miller (Eric Dane), to help him pursue his dream of becoming a professional motorcycle racer.”

“With the help of his small-town love interest and a motorcycle shop owner who moonlights as his mentor, he begins to break down the walls that his father’s absence had built up,” the logline adds.

One Fast Move trailer

The Kelly Blatz-directed film has serious action, emotions, and speed ahead.

“This evaluation is designed to help you transition into civilian life,” a woman counselor tells Wes as he’s gearing up to leave prison.

It cuts right to the action, then, of a motorcycle chase — most likely a flashback to what landed Wes in trouble in the first place.

“Finding employment will be challenging,” the counselor continues.

“When can I get my bike back?” Wes asks about the most important thing on his mind.

From here, life gets back on track away from the prison walls. Wes visits a diner and chats with a young lady behind the counter named Camila (Maia Reficco), who, yes, becomes his love interest in the film.

“It’s the third time I’ve seen you here this week, and I’ve never seen you before,” Camila says.

“I’m just new in town,” Wes states.

“Nobody’s new in this town. Do you have family here?” she asks.

Then, we see him confront his estranged father at a motorcycle raceway.

“And you are?” Dean asks.

“You knew my mom,” Wes tells him.

High-speed motorcycle racing picks up speed as we see riders zipping on a track.

Dean talks about how Wes’s “time has passed,” and his son reveals how broke he is, stating he has “seventy-six dollars” to his name.

“Alright, repeat after me: I don’t don’t know how to ride,” Dean tells him.

“I don’t know how to ride,” Wes repeats.

Training begins, and it becomes more than riding a motorcycle. His father explains that “racing is physical.” There are scenes of working out, lifting tires, running, and more.

Regarding the racing, you can tell his father is brutally tough on him to make his son the best.

Bobby Tresco (Jackson Hurst) enters the picture as one of the more competitive racers that Wes will have to face. Considering Bobby tries running Wes off the track, it will get tough, and there’s a shoving match.

Racing, winning, celebration, and romance heat up as the trailer continues.

“The faster I go, the calmer I feel,” Wes admits.

“So you just need to keep going faster,” Dean says.

Be sure to catch One Fast Move on Prime Video on August 8.