Week four of the college football season is about to get underway, and once again, all eyes in the college football world will be on the Colorado football team. The Buffaloes are hitting the road for another massive matchup, this time against Oregon football. Both teams are ranked inside the top 25, and this is a game that everybody wants to see. It is a game that will have big Pac-12 implications. The conference is to a hot start so far this season, and these two teams are both looking good to begin the year. Whoever gets the win is going to feeling good afterwards.

Colorado football came into the season with a win total set at 3.5, and they are already 3-0. The Buffaloes went 1-11 last season, and now, they have completely flipped the script. Deion Sanders completely changed the roster during the offseason, and it is working wonders for him so far. Colorado took down TCU on the road to open the season, and the Horned Frogs were ranked #17 at the time. That win put college football on notice and showed that Colorado is a much improved team.

The Oregon football football team is also 3-0 to begin the year. The Ducks have coasted to wins against Portland State and Hawaii, but they almost slipped up in week two against Texas Tech. However, Oregon did pull out the win, and they are undefeated headed into this matchup.

Colorado has clearly improved since last year, but people are still doubting the Buffaloes as they head into this matchup as 21-point underdogs. Let's hope that the game is a little bit closer than that. It should be a fun one, and here are four predictions for the clash.

Oregon will win by at least three touchdowns

Colorado football is much better this season than they were last year, but last week's near disaster against Colorado State showed that they still have some work to do to get to Oregon football's tier. The Buffaloes are good, but going on the road in Eugene is going to be tough. A lot of people are surprised by this spread, even myself a little bit, but I still expect Oregon to cover. This Colorado defense isn't ready to face Bo Nix and the Ducks, especially without Travis Hunter.

Bo Nix will throw for over 350 yards

Travis Hunter being out is going to hurt the Buffaloes. Even with him on the field, this defense has still struggled this year, and it's going to be difficult for them with Hunter on the sidelines. The secondary is going to be a liability, and Bo Nix is going to carve them up. Expect 350+ passing yards from the Ducks on offense.

Bo Nix will throw at least three touchdown passes

Bo Nix is going to have a big game in the touchdown pass realm as well. Nix is all around going to have a special day against Colorado. He will be looking to make a statement in a game against a ranked team, and this is the perfect opportunity. Nix is going to have at least three passing touchdowns on Saturday, and don't be surprised at all if he ends up having more.

Oregon will score at least 50 points

The Ducks are going to put up big numbers on offense this weekend. Passing yards, passing touchdowns and lastly, points. Colorado is good, but they aren't good enough to hang around with a team of this caliber yet. The Ducks are going wear the Buffaloes down throughout the game, and they are going to end up winning big.

Oregon football vs. Colorado football kicks off in Eugene on Saturday at 3:30 ET.