Blizzard recently teased the Overwatch 2 Season 3 Mythic Skin: Amaterasu Kiriko, which includes three different versions with unique designs. This comes after Season 2’s Zeus Junker Queen and Season 1’s Cyber Demon Genji.

In a two-part tweet on their official Twitter account, Blizzard revealed the Mythic Skin via a short video and an image. The video (featured above) shows Kiriko switching between the Mythic Skin’s three versions. This is something that Blizzard included in the two mythic skins so far. Cyber Demon Genji could switch their mask, shuriken, tattoo, and sword designs. Meanwhile, Zeus Junker Queen had different armor, shoulder pad, gun design, as well as colors.

Once players get the skin, they will be able to pick between two weapons (the kunai and the ofuda), and three each for the crown/headpiece, and the hair. We will also be able to select a theme based on “the moon, the sea, and storms.”. The player can pick between colors inspired by Susanoo (purple, orange), Amaterasu (yellow/gold and red), and Tsukuyomi (white, blue, and purple), the sibling gods of Japanese mythology.

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Players need to level their Battle Pass to level 80 to get the Mythic Skin, much like the Battle Passes from the previous seasons. Other than that, players will also get the Woodblock Amaterasu Spray and the Amaterasu player icon. Players have until the end of Season 3, which is in 62 days, or around April 11, 2023, to farm and get the skin.

That’s all the information we have about Kiriko’s Amaterasu Mythic Skin in Overwatch 2. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.