Overwatch 2 Season 4's release date has been revealed. The new season begins on April 11. It will introduce a variety of new content to the game, including support hero Lifeweaver and a new space opera-themed battle pass. In a recent trailer, Blizzard unveiled new skins, gameplay modes, and in-game challenges, along with a significant upgrade to support hero Brigitte's shield.

Overwatch 2: Season 4 – Lifeweaver

In Season 4, Lifeweaver joins the roster and will be part of the Overwatch 2 battle pass. Players who purchase the premium battle pass gain immediate access to Lifeweaver, while others unlock him upon reaching level 45.  Lifeweaver takes center stage in the new BOB and Weave arcade mode, featuring Ashe's robotic butler, BOB. In this 3v3 deathmatch variant, everyone plays as Lifeweaver, and each team gets one BOB to maneuver around the map using Lifeweaver's Life Grip ability. This mode will be available in Overwatch 2 until April 25.

Overwatch 2: Season 4 – New Skins

The Season 4 battle pass offers new cosmetics for characters like Hanzo, Lifeweaver, and Sigma, who receives the Mythic-tier skin. In-game challenges also let players earn skins for Lifeweaver and Symmetra.

Blizzard has prepared a variety of Overwatch 2 skins for sale, such as Omnic-themed skins for Junkrat and Roadhog, a Pinocchio-inspired look for Zenyatta, a vaporwave style for Tracer, and a Hajime Sorayama-inspired skin for Echo.

Premium battle pass holders can also unlock Starwatch-themed skins, including Space Prince Lucio, Extraterrestrial Winston, Infinite Ace D.Va, and Seer Mercy.

Overwatch 2: Season 4 – New Gameplay Modes

Season 4 introduces Starwatch: Galactic Rescue, a 4v4 mode set on the Horizon Lunar Colony map. With space opera-inspired skins evoking Warhammer 40,000 and Star Wars, players can join one of two factions, The Watchers or the Infinite Empire, and battle for supremacy.

Players can also look forward to the return of the Battle for Olympus mode, running from May 23 to 29.

Overwatch 2: Season 4 – Changes to Brigitte and Mercy

Brigitte receives a major upgrade with her shield becoming much wider during her ultimate ability. Additionally, she now gains recoverable armor, an increased shield size and health, and the ability to stun. Blizzard is also making small adjustments to Sigma, Reinhardt, and Cassidy to slightly reduce their lethality.

Mercy's recent changes are being reverted, with a minor tweak to her guardian angel ability for better control of her boosted jump.

Overwatch 2: Season 4 – Pride Month

Lastly, Season 4 extends into Pride Month, with LGBTQ+ flags flying in Overwatch 2 starting June 1. Expect various in-game events and cosmetics to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community throughout the month.

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