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Rumor: Pacers star Victor Oladipo’s trade value gets bucket of cold water dumped on it

Victor Oladipo, Pacers

Indiana Pacers star guard Victor Oladipo has seen his name included in multiple trade rumors of late. As it turns out, however, not everyone believes that the 28-year-old holds as much value as some may think. In a recent appearance on the The Hoop Collective with Brian Windhorst, ESPN’s Tim Bontemps explained why he thinks not too many teams will be lining up to trade for Oladipo in the coming offseason.

Transcribed by RealGM:

“I think it’s unlikely Oladipo gets traded because of how weird his past year has been,” said Bontemps. “Both coming back from the injury, and frankly, not being very good after coming back from the injury.

“From talking to people around the league, I don’t think his value is nearly as high as his name brand would suggest at the moment. And I think it’s more likely that the Pacers go into the season and either hope he plays really well and they do great and he decides to stay. Or that he plays better and they maybe trade him later, when his value goes up soon.”

Oladipo has one more year remaining on his current deal, which means that if the Pacers don’t sign him to an extension, he could walk away from the team as a free agent next summer. Then again, as Bontemps indicated above, this might be a risk Indiana is willing to take, given how they might get pennies on the dollar should they force a trade now. The Miami Heat have been rumored as a possible destination, but even they might not be all that keen on trading for the Pacers star.

Oladipo just hasn’t been the same since suffering that horrific knee injury back in January 2019. This past season, the two-time All-Star managed just 19 games for the Pacers, averaging 14.5 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.9 assists.