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Packers’ Aaron Jones happily ignorant of Aaron Rodgers trade saga

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The Aaron Rodgers saga has taken the Green Bay Packers by storm. Davante Adams recently opened up about all the drama, as have other current and former Packers. Aaron Jones is the latest to weight in, and he’s not paying much attention to it.

Via PFT’s Mike Florio:

“I’m just sitting back,” Jones told Rich Eisen on Thursday. “I mean, I see what everybody else sees. I mean, I haven’t heard from Aaron or anybody, so I’m gonna wait until I get up to Green Bay and see for myself or hear it from him myself. I don’t get caught up in reading the articles and things like that. I just wait until it plays out and control what I can control.”

Jones hopes the Rodgers situation will be resolved and he’ll be under center for Week 1, but the running back is currently fine being ignorant of the details of the situation and has no answers for all the people who ask him about what’s going on. He’s not worried about it and is just waiting to see how it plays out. The running back will do his job no matter who’s playing quarterback for Green Bay.

This has been an eventful offseason for Jones, who re-upped with the Packers on a four-year deal worth $48 million, complete with a $13 million signing bonus. The running back is coming off another strong season in which he rushed for 1,104 yards and nine touchdowns on just 201 carries. The 26-year-old also caught 47 passes for 355 yards and two touchdowns.