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Aaron Rodgers holdout from Packers’ minicamp draws blunt reaction from Brett Favre

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The Aaron Rodgers trade drama has been a dark cloud hovering over the NFL offseason. Ever since the news surrounding the Green Bay Packers QB broke around the time of the NFL Draft, questions on Rodgers’ future has been dominating the news cycle.

The latest buzz on the Rodgers-Packers saga is the superstar QB’s holdout from Green Bay’s minicamp. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero reported on Rodgers’ decision, which would cost him nearly six figures in fine money. While a huge sum by itself, it’s relatively small considering the 500k in bonuses that Rodgers has already given up previously.

The Packers QB’s predecessor Brett Favre spoke out on Rodgers’ decision to holdout during his podcast “Boiling with Favre”, claiming this isn’t news given how much precedent there’s been from similar situations in the past.

“No one should be surprised. In the big picture, I don’t know what’s gonna happen … It’s not the first time someone’s missed a minicamp or an OTA or a mandatory participation, whatever that may be. But you shouldn’t be surprised.”

But while we’ve certainly had a handful of holdouts in recent memory, it’s never been by the team’s starting quarterback, let alone the NFL’s reigning MVP.

Favre says he thinks the root of the issues between Rodgers and the franchise has to do with personnel Rodgers likes, and he doesn’t think Rodgers has anything against QB Jordan Love, whom the Packers traded up to get in the 2020 NFL Draft.

“I think the question really comes down to, can the issue or issues be fixed between Aaron and, we assume, Brian Gutekunst, the GM. Can those be resolved? … Or is it deeper than that?”

The news on Aaron Rodgers’s future with the Green Bay Packers doesn’t sound close to being resolved just yet. Even if he eventually does join the team, who knows how the season unfolds in Wisconsin.