Packers news: Aaron Rodgers opens up about idolizing Michael Jordan
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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers opens up about idolizing Michael Jordan

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been just one of the many throughout the world fixated on ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docu-series, which came to an end on Sunday evening. With the docu-series notably focusing on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Rodgers has since opened up about idolizing “Air Jordan” as a child.

“I have been watching. It’s been a lot of fun,” Rodgers told reporters on a recent conference call, via USA TODAY Sports. “I was fortunate enough in 1998 to sit in the top row at Arco Arena and watch M.J.’s last game as a Bull in the regular season against the Sacramento Kings and was always an M.J. fan since the early ’90s and loved the runs that he was on and always looked up to him.”

Not only has the Packers signal-caller been watching and idolizing Jordan from afar, but the two legendary athletes have actually gotten to know each other over the years.

“I’ve gotten to know him a little bit over the years and always enjoy our interactions and have a ton of respect for what he accomplished in the game. He’s the greatest basketball player of all time,” Rodgers added. “Really, I’d love to debate anybody on that.”

Unfortunately for Rodgers, though, he definitely wouldn’t have to look very far to find someone willing to debate him on such a subject. With “The Last Dance” still quite fresh in everyone’s mind, it would be hard to argue with Rodgers at this point in time.