For Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, there is no doubt that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. After all, if you consider longevity, overall success and championships, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star has it all.

Rodgers admitted that when he appeared as a guest on Serge Ibaka's show. After naming Brady, Steve Young, Brett Favre and Joe Montana as his top quarterbacks of all time, he was then asked who is the GOAT for him. He didn't hesitate to give the honor to Brady, and for good reason.

“I think you got to go by championships probably, so that'd be Tom,” the Packers superstar said.

To be fair, it's hard to argue with that. While there have been several great QBs in the history of the league just like what Aaron Rodgers said, there's no one who has been as successful and as dominant as Tom Brady.

Brady is not only a seven-time Super Bowl champion (more than any NFL franchise), five-time Super Bowl MVP and three-time regular season MVP, but he also holds several records that will be hard to surpass by any other QB. Just this season alone, he became the first man to breach 100,000 passing yards–a testament to his dominance throughout more than two decades in the NFL.

TB12 is not yet done breaking records, and when he decides to call it a career, it might be impossible for anyone to match what he has accomplished in the sport of American football.