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Packers legend Brett Favre’s shocking take on Davante Adams without Aaron Rodgers

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Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams will be playing without Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers for the first time in his career in 2022. While Adams will be playing with a former college buddy in Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, there’s still the potential for a drop-off in performance.

Consider Packers legend Brett Favre among those who thinks that scenario is in the cards for the Raiders receiver. Favre delivered a shocking take on the Rodgers-less Adams, via TMZ Sports.

“I do think that Davante will make Derek Carr better. And, in time, they’ll be a dynamic duo. Will they be the duo that Aaron and Davnte Adams were? Time will tell. I think Derek is a very good quarterback. But he’s not in Aaron’s league, yet. May never be. And that’s no disrespect, either. Davante owes a great deal of gratitude to Aaron and the Packers drafting him. It’s not to say he’s not a great player. He is a tremendous player. And we’ll see that with him in Las Vegas. It’s just hard to shift gears, especially from a player as prolific as Aaron Rodgers. I’d be shocked if he had the same year he’s had in previous years.”

Favre made it clear that he wasn’t taking a shot at Carr or Adams. Rather, he was saying that’s simply how great Aaron Rodgers is. The Packers legend said he’d be “shocked” if the newest Raiders wideout had the same year.

Adams has tallied at least 115 receptions, 1300 yards and double-digit touchdowns in each of the last two seasons with the Packers’ back-to-back MVP throwing him passes.

He’ll undoubtedly enjoy another strong campaign with the Raiders. However, Favre thinks it will be hard for him to duplicate the production he’s enjoyed without Rodgers.