Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari barely played in the 2021 NFL season. He only appeared in one game and for just 27 snaps in Week 18, but was not able to see any action in the playoffs as he was still clearly not yet 100 percent recovered from a torn ACL he sustained in 2021.

Nevertheless, Bakhtiari is optimistic that his knee issue isn't going to hold him out for long. In a recent appearance on CheeseheadTV, Bakhtiari revealed that his knee is actually fine and that he “just need to take this time off,” (h/t Kevin Patra of

“No. The hurdle you want to get over is having a full recovery from an ACL,” he told Nagler. “I know my ACL is good. My meniscus is good, they cut out like 10-15 percent of it. It's just my knee needing rest. Structurally it's good. Just need to take this time off.”

Bakhtiari has been itching to play without any hindrances, but there's only so much he can do with a knee that is still not completely recovered from a devastating injury.

“It's just tough when the answer is the one answer you don't want to hear: Don't play football for a while,” Bakhtiari said.

In any case, Bakhtiari has lots of time to rest up and prepare for the 2022 NFL season, with an entire offseason in front of him. The 30-year-old Bakhtiari is under contract with the Packers until the end of the 2024 campaign.