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Fox Sports has the Green Bay Packers drafting TCU WR Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor, Packers

With only a total of three games left in the NFL season left, it’s time for mock drafts. It’s the time period in which college athletes will be entering the next level and hoping to be drafted by an NFL team and draft experts decide who will be the likely ones selected.

And as for the Green Bay Packers, they’re slated to draft TCU wide receiver Jalen Reagor, according to Fox Sports.

It’s a selection that makes plenty of sense with the lack of other reliable options for the Packers outside of Davante Adams. He led the team in every receiving category with 83 catches on 127 targets for 997 yards and five touchdowns (tied with running back Jamaal Williams for touchdowns). No other receiver had 60 targets and none of them had more than 35 catches.

Those aren’t the numbers that will help a Pro Bowl receiver like Adams. Especially when he put up those numbers in only 12 games played.

The Packers are in need of help at the receiver position as they’ll look to pair the veteran receiver with a solid number two option. Jalen Reagor can fit into this mold nicely with his play. His speed is something that helps stretch the defense and can give the Packers a deep threat option that they haven’t had in a long time. And Reagor is one of the better kick and punt returning options in the draft as well.

The Packers will need everything they can get in Aaron Rodgers’ later years, and going with Jalen Reagor isn’t a bad option.