Packers news: Green Bay take in an enormous amount of revenue
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Packers take in an enormous amount of revenue


Although teams around the NFL are bracing for the financial repercussions playing the 2020 NFL season through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Green Bay Packers are prepared to weather the storm.

The Packers were among the teams that have announced retractions on fan attendance. Fortunately, they managed to rake in some serious revenue during that 2019 campaign that should help keep them going strong, via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily:

According to financial statements released today by the Packers, they posted $34.9M net income on $506.9M in total revenue in the fiscal year ending March 31, a bottom line more than four times larger than ‘19. Excluding investment results that reflected the market’s plunge at the start of the pandemic, the team’s operating profit stood at $70.3M, nearly 100 times last year’s $700,000 figure and double its ‘18 operating profit.

It is no secret that the Packers have long been a big-ticket item given their status as one of the NFL’s household brands. While their rich tradition has helped them secure prime-time games and generate plenty of broadcast revenue on a consistent basis through the years, it helps that they were able to take full advantage with their trip to the NFC Championship Game last year.

The financial burden that the NFL is about to take on has been a topic of discussion for both players and owners throughout the course of the offseason. Regardless of how the negotiations ultimately shake out, it is safe to say that the Packers will manage to thrive either way.