Aaron Rodgers is once again at the center of the NFL world. Everyone is anxiously awaiting what the Green Bay Packers star decides to do with his career. Will he stay in Green Bay? Will he allow himself to be traded to the New York Jets? Will he retire? This situation might be familiar for some NBA fans: a similar thing happened in 2016 when Kevin Durant hit free agency. The Phoenix Suns star's agent chimed in on the A-Rod saga with his own advice, one that comes from personal experience.

“Aaron Rodgers needs to rent a house in the Hamptons and have all teams come recruit him there!”

Kleiman, of course, is referencing his client's infamous 2016 free agency campaign. Kevin Durant rented a house in the Hamptons and had the teams recruiting him make their pitches there. It's a slightly different set-up for Aaron Rodgers, who realistically only has two teams chasing him right now (the Packers and the Jets). Still, going down the KD route would make this wait much more entertaining.

Packers fans by now just want this whole saga to end. Despite Aaron Rodgers promising to not hold the team hostage, he somehow is doing that by taking this long to make a decision. Rodgers' indecision is costing both the Packers and the Jets valuable time in free agency. Both teams can't really do anything right now until they know exactly what the QB wants.

At this point, the Hamptons house might not be a bad idea for the Packers star. If you're going to make everyone wait an excruciatingly long time for your decision, at least make it entertaining, right?