Aaron Rodgers is a big mystery this offseason. On Tuesday, a report came into the picture saying that the future Hall of Fame quarterback was about to be traded by the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets. But there are also reports that are in conflict with that story. In any case, all eyes are on Rodgers. Even his social media activity is being kept a close eye on by a legion of NFL reports and fans.

Speaking of which, Rodgers made waves with some activity on Twitter that surely has raised the level of intrigue and suspense surrounding his real status. A brief look at Rodgers' Twitter activity would reveal that he liked a tweet from Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas which shows a picture of the two together in Green Bay uniform.

There could really be nothing about it. But since this is Aaron Rodgers, people are surely going to interpret it in a number of ways. Douglas has also added to the Rodgers guessing game with an interesting post of his own on Twitter, when he said that “AROD gave me his phone when he went into Darko Mode.” Could it be that he was the one liking his own tweet by using Rodgers' phone?

Going even further, Rodgers tweeted this on Monday night:

This is seemingly a reference to Rasul Douglas. And now on Tuesday, we find out that the Jets are trying to sign wide receiver Allen Lazard, who has been catching passes from Rodgers in Green Bay for five seasons. What does it all mean?!

The majority of Jets fans must be hoping that Aaron Rodgers would end up officially being part of the team. With a stout defense and plenty of talent on offense, the Jets are just a good quarterback — let alone a legend like Rodgers — away from becoming a serious Super Bowl contender.