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The truth behind Aaron Rodgers wanting trade from Packers on draft day

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Although many believed Aaron Rodgers leaked out that he wanted a trade, it was Adam Schefter who announced it. On the day of the NFL draft, Schefter announced that Aaron Rodgers was unhappy with the Green Bay Packers and might be traded.

People in the media flipped out and some bashed Rodgers for stealing the attention away from Packers players getting drafted. Schefter actually chose to break this news on draft day as it had been developing since the NFC Championship Game loss back in January.

While all the rumors and stories have been going on we know little truth to the story other than Rodgers is unhappy with Green Bay. Former teammates James Jones and John Kuhn believe the relationship can be restored and he could return to the Packers.

Some of the media has been less optimistic and have been saying his career is over in Green Bay. Whatever the truth may be the Packers should do whatever they can to get him back. While it may take a trade or a contract extension to convince him they should not even think about trading him away.

The future hall of fame quarterback has said little on the story other then he was unhappy it got leaked. Coming off an MVP season and perhaps the best season of his career Rodgers would be set up for another playoff run if they work things out. A great draft by the Packers filled a lot of their holes on the team and could bolster the team to the Super Bowl.

Whatever they have to do, the Packers need to convince Rodgers to stay.