There will be a slew of changes for the Green Bay Packers in the upcoming season as they move forward without Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Jordan Love takes over under center, and he will have to prove himself as a capable NFL signal caller.

There are many aspects to succeeding as the team's QB1, and much of that involves gaining the confidence of his teammates by the way he comports himself in both the huddle and lockerroom. Love is going to have to combine courage and a sense of cool under pressure, and much of that will result from how well he handles the blitz.

Love is much more likely to confront that strategy from opponents than Rodgers was during his tenure with the Packers. Rodgers seemed to thrive when opponents blitzed because he excelled at diagnosing the play from the opponent's pre-snap formation and he delivered the ball to the hot receiver with seeming ease.

Nobody expects Love to match Rodgers in those skills at the start of the season, but he is going to have to demonstrate improvement as the year progresses.

Packers quarterback coach Tom Clements has been schooling Jordan Love on blitz recognition.

“We work on recognizing what the pressures are and who’s the guy to get it to if it has to come out quick,” Clements said. “You have to be able see things process it and make a quick decision. So, when things are flying around and guys are blitzing, that’s when it becomes most important.”

The proof will come in his game performance. It's one thing to study blitz formations in the spring; it's quite another to defeat them in NFL games.