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RUMOR: Aaron Rodgers makes intriguing Green Bay commitment that has Packers fans excited

Aaron Rodgers Packers country club trade

The Aaron Rodgers trade saga has been the specter hovering over the entire NFL for months now. The future of the reigning MVP in a Green Bay Packers uniform is still anyone’s guess.

But Packers fans were recently offered a tiny glimmer of hope. This came in the form of a rumor circulating from local sports radio – The Score Wisconsin:

On Friday, The Score in the Appleton-Oshkosh area of Wisconsin reported a hint about Rodgers’ future. Rather, they shared a really fun rumor.

The Score claimed that Rodgers renewed his membership to Green Bay Country Club for the remainder of the year.

Could this be the first domino to fall in what’s to be a massive announcement on Rodgers’ commitment to the Green Bay Packers? But realistically, Rodgers might have just renewed his membership regardless of his future. After all, he is worth over $120 million at the time of writing. Another possible scenario is that the QB forgot to cancel his membership and got automatically charged just like all us regular humans when it comes to our online subscriptions.

Whatever the case may be, Aaron Rodgers is committing to his Green Bay Country Club membership. Take from that what you will, my friends.