The Carolina Panthers may have broken their horrendous losing streak, but their season is not over yet. A win against the New Orleans Saints led by star running back Christian McCaffrey brought them to a respectable 1-2 record in 2022. Still, despite the win, there were many issues with the team that needed to be addressed.

A big concern for the Panthers ahead of their Week 4 match against the Arizona Cardinals is Christian McCaffrey’s health. The star running back has been a beast for them this season, but his status has been called into question again. The good news for Carolina, though, is that McCaffrey has been practicing with the team again. (via David Newton)

The Panthers barely scraped by with a win against the Saints in Week 3, but it wasn’t pretty by any means. It was a battle of attrition as both sides struggled severely on offense to generate points. In the end, McCaffrey and Baker Mayfield were able to eke out a win despite their struggles.

When he’s healthy, Christian McCaffrey is one of the best running backs in the league. His production through four games already prove this, as he’s one of the league leaders of rushing through three weeks. The Panthers are hoping they can get this fully healthy version of McCaffrey for the rest of the year.

The Panthers will be going up against an Arizona Cardinals team with their own struggles this year. Despite the 2-1 record, the offense hasn’t looked great in the last few weeks. Which NFC team will break through and use this as a springboard for their success.