Panthers news: Norv Turner speaks out on Christian McCaffrey getting 37 touches vs. Texans
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Norv Turner speaks out on Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey getting 37 touches vs. Texans

Christian McCaffrey, Norv Turner

The Carolina Panthers managed to pull out a victory against the Houston Texans thanks to a monster day from running back Christian McCaffrey. Regardless, offensive coordinator Norv Turner is hoping not to rely on the same approach too often.

McCaffrey garnered a whopping 37 touches in Week 4 against Houston. According to Max Henson of the team’s official website, Turner does not want his workload to be that heavy every game:

“I don’t think it’s an issue unless it happens too frequently. We can’t have him have that kind of load over a long period of time, but he handled it great.”

Although McCaffrey saw an increase in touches in Week 4, he is hardly a stranger to carrying the load in Carolina’s offense.

He has made it a point to establish himself as one of the NFL’s premier workhorse backs and he managed to solidify that notion by registering 411 yards and four touchdowns on 86 carries to go with 25 receptions for 281 yards en route to NFC Offensive Player of the Month honors.

While McCaffrey has proven to be more than capable of handling this heavy workload, it is clear that Turner is still looking to avoid situations where he is taking any unnecessary wear and tear.

There is no question that the hits tend to add up and it could very well leave him at risk for injury later on down the line.

As a result, the onus will be on the rest of the offense to pick up the slack in order to avoid having to overuse McCaffrey so early in his career.