Panthers news: Teddy Bridgewater working out with Bills WR John Brown
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Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater working out with Bills WR John Brown

Teddy Bridgewater, Bills, Panthers, John Brown

Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is currently gearing up for his first go-round as a member of the NFC South franchise as the team offered up quite the lucrative multi-year free contract this offseason. However, due to the unprecedented climate of today, Bridgwater has been unable to work out with any of his new teammates, though apparently current Buffalo Bills wide receiver John Brown is around to help out.

“Bridgewater is working with pro and college receivers (including Buffalo’s John Brown) in Miami, but not yet with any of his own,” writes Peter King of NBC Sports. “He’ll have to hit the ground running with five of his first 10 games against division foes with much more collegiality and collective experience. But Rhule wanted positive people who wouldn’t look for excuses.”

It is evident that the former Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints signal-caller is staying ready by any means necessary, so it seems, whether or not he can be around his new Panthers teammates.

“It’s a blessing to be back in this position that I’m in,” Bridgewater said of the ongoing situation throughout the country as it relates to football and his new team in the Panthers, via the aforementioned King. “Having someone believe in you, having an organization that believes in you and gives you the keys and says, ‘Here, this is your opportunity,’ that’s all that I’ve asked for. I know that it’s a difficult time right now and I’m not able to be around the guys, but with technology, we can FaceTime each other. We can call each other. We can meet. Guys have questions, it’s easy to get access to each other.”

Bridgewater must stay as ready as possible, considering what he and the Panthers will be forced to deal with this season. With a new quarterback and first-year NFL head coach leading the way, the Panthers will immediately be put to the test in the very dangerous NFC South division.