The Detroit Red Wings made an anticipated move on Tuesday, taking a chance on a future Hall of Famer. Detroit signed free agent forward Patrick Kane to a one-year, pro-rated $2.75 million contract. The move reunites Kane with former Chicago Blackhawks teammate Alex DeBrincat with the Winged Wheel. It comes with its share of risk, but it's a risk general manager Steve Yzerman is prepared to take.

Yzerman spoke to the media for the first time since signing the 35-year-old winger. The former Red Wings captain said he understood the gamble he's making. However, he ultimately believes the reward outweighs any reasons to be hesitant.

“Ultimately, we felt that this was worth the risk, so to speak, that he has a good chance of coming back,” Yzerman said Wednesday, via “He's definitely going to play. How effective he's going to be remains to be seen, but based on his health and his testing, I think he has a chance to be very effective.”

Patrick Kane and his hip injury

Kane hit the free agent market back on July 1. He didn't sign immediately because he elected to have hip resurfacing surgery over the summer. The 35-year-old future Hall of Famer spent the rest of the offseason rehabbing from the surgery and attempting to get back into playing shape.

Few players in NHL history have received a hip resurfacing surgery. And none of them have successfully returned from the procedure. In fact, only two players have taken the ice again after going through it. Ed Jovanovski played 37 games before retiring. And Washington Capitals forward Niklas Backstrom is out indefinitely after playing just 47 games.

However, Yzerman can relate to Kane. When he played, the Red Wings general manager had an osteotomy done on his right knee in 2002. In 2003, he became the first professional athlete to successfully return from that procedure. Yzerman didn't retire from the NHL until 2006.

“Patrick Kane is a competitive person. He wants to play hockey. So, yeah, I totally understand without having a long discussion on ‘Why do you want to do this?' I get it totally, for sure,” the Red Wings general manager said, via

As Yzerman noted, it remains to be seen how effective Kane will be upon his return to the ice. That said, he understands the risk involved. And he is betting that the future Hall of Famer can return to form in the Motor City.