The New England Patriots offense has taken a huge step back in year two of the Mac Jones era, and many fans are beginning to point their fingers at Matt Patricia, who is the Pats new offensive play caller this season. With the offense struggling again in Week 13 against the Buffalo Bills, calls for Patricia's head have increased, leading many to wonder whether head coach Bill Belichick could demote him.

Belichick and Patricia have ties that go years back, and even though the offense is laboring under Patricia's watch, Belichick doesn't sound interested in switching up the status quo of the coaching room 13 weeks into the season. Belichick shot down rumors of Patricia potentially being demoted this late in the season, leading many Patriots fans to let out a collective groan after hearing this news.

“I think we need to do what we’re doing better. I don’t think at this point making a lot of dramatic changes — it’s too hard to do that. If we can just do consistently what we were doing, I think we’ll be alright. But we just haven’t been able to have enough consistency. … It’s not one thing. One time, it’s one thing, next time it’s something else. We just have to play and coach more consistently.” – Bill Belichick, The Greg Hill Show

Patricia had no experience running an offense prior to this season, and if you have watched the Pats offense at all in 2022, it's shown. Patricia isn't the right answer for New England's offense, and they will likely continue to struggle as long as he's calling plays. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Belichick intends on changing things up, so New England's final five games of the season will likely be just as painful to watch as the first 12 were.