The New England Patriots were so close to redeeming themselves against the New York Giants. Bill Belichick's schematics got them within striking distance and just a single field goal away from heading into extra time. Pressure does tend to come on the shoulders of a kicker in these situations and Chad Ryland was no exception. He would miss the opportunity and felt hints of dismay immediately after the Mac Jones-led offense was let down, via Zack Cox of NESN.

“I missed that kick. There’s no easy way around it. There’s no soft way around it. I missed the kick. I completely own that, and I’ll take responsibility for that every day of the week,” said Chad Ryland as he owned up to his mistakes.

The Patriots had a lot of lapses in this Giants matchup but Bill Belichick made sure to correct them mid-game. The only time they scored was in the third quarter because of a rushing touchdown from Rhamondre Stevenson. Despite this, the offense led by Mac Jones still netted 293 total yards with 136 of them coming out of passes and 147 of them from their running game.

The Patriots kicker made sure to give his props to his teammates regardless of the setback, “The protection was good, the snap was good, and the hold was good. I’ve got to do a better job of making that kick.”

Now, the Patriots slipped down to a two-win record as their chances of making any postseason success fade away. Will they be able to peak at the right time and carry it over to the next season?