If following a particular person or account on social media means anything, then New England Patriots fans might want to keep their eyes out for a possible move.

DeAndre Hopkins hit the follow button on Mac Jones’ Instagram, as noted by some Patriots fans on Twitter on Thursday.


Hopkins following Jones on Instagram is interesting for a couple of reasons. Obviously, the All-Pro receiver has been the center of trade rumors in recent weeks as the Arizona Cardinals are reportedly seeking to trade him. The Patriots have been the few teams linked to him as well, adding some intrigue to Hopkins’ social media activity.

It’s also interesting because Jones began to follow Hopkins on Instagram earlier in the week as well. Now, maybe the two players just happened to like what each other posts on their accounts.

But Jones also started following tight end Mike Gesicki on Instagram earlier in the week, too. As it turns out, who Jones decides to follow could be a tell or a possible scoop as Gesicki reportedly agreed to a deal to sign with the Patriots on Friday.

Jones also began following some other new Patriots teammates on Instagram in recent days, such as James Robinson and Juju Smith-Schuster, along with free-agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Time will tell if Jones’ Instagram account has another scoop in it, though the trade chatter surrounding Hopkins still remains. The Cardinals are reportedly asking for a second-round pick for Hopkins and maybe the Patriots are willing to give something like that up in order to keep improving the receiver room to help their quarterback.