Things got heated in the New England Patriots vs New York Jets game on Sunday after Mac Jones ran a sneak to try to get a first down. Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner and linebacker CJ Mosley believed Mac Jones made a dirty play, and they got heated after the whistle during the game, as seen below.

There was clearly something that caused the Jets to react, as both CJ Mosley and Sauce Gardner were fired up after the play. Mac Jones spoke after the game and does not believe he did anything dirty on the play.

“Umm now, I think just trying to get the first down,” Jones said after being asked if he made a dirty play, via Mark Daniels of MassLive. “3rd and 1, and then we came back on 4th and 1. And then try to fake it, so definitely a physical play. Lotta guys are in there, it's kind of like the famous quarterback sneak that everybody does. There's all the guys on both teams are in there, so it can get pretty physical and that's something I have to learn from is getting my pads a little bit lower so that I can get it and not get held up.”

The Patriots went on to beat the Jets 15-10. It was a struggle on a wet day for both offenses, but the Patriots defense was a little bit better. New England had the lead for nearly the entire game, and a two-score lead for a good portion of it as well. Both teams are now 1-2 after the game.