The New England Patriots have a problem on their hands in their first season without Tom Brady. It became apparent in the an embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Monday night.

The Patriots have been soaking in quarterback controversy since midseason after seeing backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham get some extended time after New England pulled Cam Newton in the third quarter. Since then, the attention has shifted to what the Patriots are going to about the roster.

On the daily Locked On Patriots podcast, host Mike Debate was joined by Steve Balestrieri to discuss the Patriots quarterback situation moving forward. Without Tom Brady, it is not pretty.

Balestrieri: The (Patriots) quarterback situation is a complete mess. When you have 56 yards passing in 2020’s NFL, you have an issue. For all the fans and media members who have been clamoring for Jarrett Stidham to get in there because Cam skips the ball in front of receivers and stares them down, what did we see from Stidham? The exact same thing. He was staring down receivers and he was skipping the ball in front of them. You know, again, everyone has been questioning Belichick. Why are you not putting Stidham in?

Well, I think you have your answer. They see this. He is not the answer. I think moving forward, they need to clean house. They need to decide, okay, we need to bring in a possibly a bridge quarterback and we are going to have to go out and draft a young kid and have our hopes that we draft the right one. Neither of these guys are the answer (for the Patriots at QB). We saw that it just all came home to roost on Monday night.