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Paul George reportedly confident that he can transform Lakers franchise

Paul George, pacers

With the Lakers nabbing the second overall pick to add to their plethora of young assets, the possibility of trading for Paul George becomes closer to reality for Los Angeles.

The Pacers star has been at the center of numerous trade discussions which also included the Celtics, but the rumors of him landing in Hollywood seems to have gained more traction as of this time.

George hasn’t been dismissive of a potential move to the Lakers, and Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports recently spewed more fuel to the fiery rumors.

George finds himself more focused on legacy than ever. And whether it’s realistic or not, the 27-year-old who grew up idolizing Bryant in Palmdale, Calif. clearly believes he can lift the Lakers out of the darkness. The question now, it seems, is whether the Lakers will have the necessary patience and prudence on their end to make the most of their situation.

The breadcrumbs have been left for the public’s consumption, and if this happens, the Lakers’ fortunes would definitely be turned around with Paul George leading the team.

Plenty of development are yet to happen, but with or without the All-Star swingman in the mix, the offseason remains to be an exciting one for Los Angeles.

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