As the year comes to a close, Spotify users are receiving their Wrapped lists. Paul McCartney has a message for his fans.

Spotify Wrapped

Paul McCartney next to Got Back tour logo and McCartney II album cover.

To thank his fans, McCartney took to Spotify (via The McCartney Archive on X).

“Hi, it's Paul here,” he began. “Listen, thank you for listening to my music this year. I'm always extremely chuffed to find [that] people enjoyed it so I love ya, and you love me. So thanks a lot. It's a wrap.”

As a part of the Beatles, McCartney wrote and recorded countless hits. Even after the band broke up, he continued making music and still does to this day. As a solo artist, he has released 19 studio albums.

His most recent studio album is McCartney III, the trilogy-closer of his self-titled trilogy. He also released an album of remixes, McCartney III Imagined, in April 2021.

He also formed a second band after the Beatles, Wings. The band released seven albums as a group including Band on the Run and Venus and Mars.

Paul McCartney is currently on tour with his band. The “Got Back” tour picked up in 2023 with dates across Australia, Mexico, and Brazil.  He and his band also played a special surprise show when they landed in Brazil. The tour commenced in April 2022 in Spokane, Washington. 2022's leg of the tour concluded with a headlining show at the Glastonbury Festival.

Since 2002, McCartney has been touring with the same band. Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, and Abe Laboriel Jr. joined Paul “Wix” Wickens and McCartney. They have been together since then and have embarked on a dozen tours.