While fan interactions can be one of the highlights of stardom, they can also be tricky as Pedro Pascal has revealed. The Mandalorian star revealed how one Game of Thrones fan interaction resulted in an eye infection.

Speaking during The Hollywood Reporter's latest actor roundtable consisting of Kieran Culkin, Jeff Bridges, Michael Imperioli, Evan Peters, and Damson Idris, Pascal recalled one particular Game of Thrones fan interaction.

“I remember, earlier on, because of Game of Thrones and the way my character died — speaking of touching — people were super into taking selfies with their thumbs in my eyes,” Pascal joked.

For reference, in Game of Thrones, Pascal's character Oberyn Martell was killed via his skull being crushed after his eyes were gouged out by Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane.

Kieran Culkin, who previously mentioned that a lot of fans are comfortable putting their arms around him, grabbing, and touching him, said, “Wow, that's a lot of trust,” in response to Pascal's story.

But Pascal continued, “At first, I was so earnest and happy about the success of the character in the show, I'd let them! And then I remember getting a bit of an eye infection.”

One would have to imagine that this particular fan interaction would sway Pedro Pascal against doing that pose anytime in the near future and for good reason. Coming off the uber-successful The Last of Us for HBO, Pascal's stardom continues to rise. He recently appeared in Strange Way of Life, Pedro Almodóvar's new short film, opposite Ethan Hawke which premiered on May 17 at the Cannes Film Festival.