DJ Khaled is used to being the center of attention on stage. It also seemed that he thought he was going to be among the main competitors in the latest installment of Capital One’s The Match on Monday. He learned that he was not, though, when he arrived at The Park in West Palm Beach in Florida, thinking he would be one of the four players battling for the title in the exhibition event, according to No Laying Up podcast.

“Apparently DJ Khaled showed up and thought he was actually PLAYING in The Match tonight. Like the actual match and not just the par 3 thing. (I wish I was joking but I am not.)”

No Laying Up added some more clarity in a follow-up post:

“(Since this is being referred to as fake news on a technicality… to clarify, he showed up *yesterday* thinking he was playing in tonight’s match).”

Still, DJ Khaled was able to see action during a par-3 contest against NBA legend Charles Barkley that served as an appetizer for The Match. Khaled won the matchup against the Basketball Hall of Famer, even talking some trash at the end of the head-to-head, saying that it was the “easiest game” he ever played in his life.

As The Match itself, it was Rory McIlroy who emerged on top when it was all said and done on the course, besting the other three golf stars in fellow PGA TOUR pro Max Homa and Lexi Thompson and Rose Zhang of the LPGA.