It is known that professional golfers love to gamble, and Phil Mickelson is definitely no different. Over the last three decades, Phil Mickelson has bet over $1 billion on football, basketball, and baseball, including an attempt to put $400,000 on Team USA in the 2012 Ryder Cup that he played in, reports ESPN's David Purdum.

“Excerpts of the book ‘Gambler: Secrets from a Life of Risk' were first reported Thursday by Fire Pit Collective and provide the most detailed look yet at [Phil] Mickelson's sports gambling and his relationship with [Billy] Walters, a Las Vegas businessman who is widely considered to be the most successful American bettor ever.

Citing betting records and ‘two very reliable sources,' Walters writes that from 2010 to 2014, Mickelson made 858 bets of $220,000 and 1,115 bets of $110,000. He estimates Mickelson endured losses of approximately $100 million, while betting more than $1 billion over the past three decades.”

This is an absolutely staggering amount of money that Phil Mickelson has allegedly used to bet on professional sports. When taking this amount of money into account, it helps explain why Mickelson left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf given how much more money he made playing for the latter.

Mickelson is a six-time PGA Tour major champion, and has earned $96.6 million from just on-course earnings. He has certainly made quite a bit from endorsements and such off of the course, and his contract that he signed with LIV Golf was reported to be about $200 million. Whatever the total amount of money is that Phil Mickelson has gambled over the years, there is no doubt that it is an amount that very few people in the history of the world could even fathom.