The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the best teams in baseball and have one of the most notoriously aggressive front-office leaders in Dave Dombrowski, leading many to believe that the team will be aggressive buyers at the approaching trade deadline. Veteran Kyle Schwarber spoke on the organization's approach and general belief in his team.

“There's a big picture of an organization, but there's also a picture of why you play the game — it's to win a championship,” Kyle Schwarber said, via The Athletic. “Our guys all know that we have one of the best front offices in all of baseball, the best ownership in baseball, and the best coaching staff. Obviously, we have a really good team. We've been close twice now. We all want to get to that finish line. He's going to do whatever he thinks our team needs to push us to the finish line.”

Schwarber also emphasized that adding proper personalities that fit the clubhouse is vital as well. Disrupting the chemistry the Phillies have right now would be less than ideal, although it should not be too much of a worry given that they have proven to be a contender with this core over the past couple of seasons.

“You always want to bring in the right people,” Schwarber said, via The Athletic. “We got a really good chemistry with what we have. We have a standard within our clubhouse that people are going to want to abide by. It's just how we are as a team and how we operate. We go from there. We have that trust.”

It will be interesting to see who Dombrowski adds to the Phillies at this deadline, and with his track record, he will certainly add talent.

What are the Phillies' needs ahead of the trade deadline?

The Phillies have plenty of star power in both the lineup and the rotation. Schwarber, alongside players like Bryce Harper, Trea Turner and the breakout of Alec Bohm give the lineup plenty of thump. Zach Wheeler, Aaron Nola, Cristopher Sanchez, and despite his recent struggles, Ranger Suarez give the Phillies plenty of depth in the rotation.

Dombrowski will be looking for role players and bullpen depth, according to The Athletic. That is unless injuries crop up over the next few weeks before the deadline.

The good news is that Dombrowski has a track record of making successful depth moves to add players who were pivotal for championship teams. In 1997, Dombrowski traded for Craig Counsell, who had a short track record at the major league level, but he had a pivotal sacrifice fly in Game 7 of the World Series, and eventually scored the winning run in the 11th inning.

Dombrowski was in Boston when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2018. That lineup was a juggernaut, similar to the Phillies' current lineup. Dombrowski added Steve Pearce, a player who was a journeyman. He was a player who could succeed in certain situations and matchups. He ended up being the World Series MVP that season.

As this year's deadline approaches, Dombrowski is looking for that piece to get the Phillies over the hump.