The season just keeps going downhill for the Detroit Pistons. Monty Williams has failed to create a winning culture. Then, they have the worst losing streak in all of league history. After that, Cade Cunningham went down due to an unfortunate injury. Their names are once again going to be etched on the annals of history after letting their guard down against De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis' Sacramento Kings. Bojan Bogdanovic did all that he could but it was just not going to cut it.

The Pistons were up by more than 18 points after a single quarter. They then ended the game by losing by a margin that was more than 18 points. This is the first time in the league's shot-clock era, which started in 1954, that this horrid feat was seen, per OptaSTATS.

The absence of Cade Cunningham did not look like a problem for Monty Williams' team. 47 huge points were dropped by the Pistons to start off their scoring barrage in the first quarter. Bojan Bogdanovic and Jaden Ivey were the ones who got their teammates to heat up in that period.

Then, tragedy would strike the Pistons after they just scored 18 points to close the half. They would bounce back after halftime but it all crumbled when they only scored 15 points in the final 12 minutes. De'Aaron Fox ended up dropping 26 points on them. Meanwhile, Domantas Sabonis recorded a monster 37-point triple-double with 13 dimes and 10 boards.

History was not on the side of the Pistons for this Kings matchup.